Zongomari free Medical Outreach- The Report

Rural Health Mission Nigeria in collaboration with Lawanti Community Development Foundation organized a day FREE medical outreach at Zongomari outreach in Akko LGA in Gombe state. This project is a flagship program of RHEMN under the initiative tagged #Health4AllByAll.

Health4AllByAll is a community driven program designed to empower the community using local resources to take action toward good health of the community. The community is empowered to decide on the quality of health that they need and RHEMN provides technical support through out the program from planning to implementation. under this model,the community is required to contribute at-least 50% of the resources needed for the project.

At Zongomari, the project was locally coordinated by Lawanti Community Development Foundation who also mobilized funds and other resources needed for the project. The member representing Akko North Constituency, Gombe state House of Assembly is the Gold supporter of this outreach. Other supporters of the project includes; Islamic Medical Association and Muslim Nurses Association in FTH Gombe.

The project was successful and the total of 506 patients benefited from several medical services. About 456 had expert consultation, 44 screened for malaria, 13 screened for hepatitis B, 6 had HIV screening, 152 children dewormed and had vitamin A supplementation, 20 pregnant women received lifesaving prenatal supplements, 25 screened for diabetes, 220 screened for hypertension and 22 were screened and given free eye glasses.

The event lasted for 8 hours with 32 volunteers including Physicians, Nurses, Midwives, Public health experts, pharmacists, lab scientists and other passionate onsite volunteers.

Please view photos of the event HERE

You can also watch a short coverage of the event HERE