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"Eliminating Barriers to Quality Healthcare Access"

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2021 Annual Report

This year, our activities focused on primary health system strengthening, promoting access to quality maternal, child and neonatal healthcare in remote communities and policy advocacy to promote the attainment of universal health coverage. ANNUAL-REPORT-2021-4Download

7 Things RHEMN Accomplished in 2021

Rural Health Mission Nigeria (RHEMN) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on eliminating barriers to quality healthcare access in hard-to-reach and underserved communities in Nigeria. RHEMN helps address disparities facing pregnant women and children in rural Nigeria by providing access to quality healthcare services through community health worker capacity building, supporting local clinics with essential consumables, and mobilizing...

The role of Infection control in improving quality and safety in primary healthcare in Nigeria

The primary healthcare system which provides basic clinical and public health to one fifth of the global population has a notable history. The primary care institutions faced substantial challenges in the health care sector, including limited development, inadequate government funding and weakening of the support by public health care providers. This led to surging costs, poor quality, and diminished access to care in primary healthcare. Even...