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Why patient safety should be prioritized in hospitals

Do you know that you are at a higher risk of been harmed while receiving healthcare in the hospital? Even though hospitals matter to people and they form a critical part of the community. It’s a place where people go for healing and recovery from illnesses, but it’s considered one of the most unsafe places. According to the world health organization (WHO), 1 in 3 million stand the risk of dying while traveling by airplane. In comparison, 1...

RHEMN trained 40 birth attendants, supports 200 pregnant women in wase community

Two months ago, we trained 40 home health volunteers across 8 communities in Wase LGA to support pregnant women & their newborn babies. This week our project coordinator paid them a visit and we are excited that over 200 pregnant women have been enrolled on the "Lifesaving Intervention project" which 8 of them has been successfully delivered using the lifesaving kits we donated, facility delivery have increased, ANC visits have also...

Project Report

This is the final report of the "Lifesaving Intervention Project" implemented in 3 community in Sardauna Local government, Taraba state. The project featured training of home health volunteers (birth attendants), distribution of birth kits and supply of rural clinics with essential pre and postnatal medication to ensure clean, healthy and safe delivery in remote communities. Kindly read the full report here: Final Report