About Us

We are passionate volunteers focused on eliminating all the barriers that prevents access to quality healthcare in under-served, hard-to-reach and rural communities.

  • We eliminate distance and cost barriers by conducting medical outreaches in rural communities at a free and or subsidized costs.
  • We promote public health through continuous public campaigns, awareness creation and education on important public health diseases
  • We support local health facilities by providing them with basic drugs and consumables and training their medical staff on basic lifesaving skills to strengthen their capacity and make them readily competent to save lives.
  • We also provide emergency medical interventions and humanitarian support during community conflicts and disasters.
  • We organize workshops and conferences where we bring together policy makers, researchers, clinicians and public health experts to brainstorm on the challenges of healthcare and communicate new updates on healthcare

Founder’s Story

RHEMN was founded on 1st January 2014 by Muhammad Ahmad Saddiq. Muhammad was inspired to set up this volunteer platform to support the rural communities to access quality healthcare services. He has lost very close friends and relatives to preventable diseases such as tuberculosis and birth complications simply because they couldn’t access healthcare at good time. Muhammad was specifically terrified by the dead of his brother’s wife in 2010 who died barely 4 weeks after delivery en-route to hospital but couldn’t made to the clinic and was buried by the road side. As a medical personnel, he believes that simple postnatal care such as access to haematinics and simple PCV check would have prevented her dead or provided early diagnosis. He was again blown into humanitarian service by the constant memory of the dead of his immediate elder brother who died from tuberculosis in 2012 because he couldn’t access Anti TB treatment at good time and was overwhelmed by complications when it was detected simply because of distance. His experiences growing up in rural community has constantly kept him awake and on focus to bring the needed help to the grass-root communities. These two experiences feeds his passion and motivations toward his work.

Our Goals and Objectives