Rural Health Mission Nigeria

"Eliminating Barriers to Quality Healthcare Access"

About Us

Rural Health Mission Nigeria is a non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the health outcomes and well-being of rural communities in Nigeria. With a strategic focus on holistic healthcare, the organization employs a multifaceted approach to address various aspects of health and well-being in rural areas.

Maternal and Child Health

One of the key strategic focuses of Rural Health Mission Nigeria is maternal and child health interventions. Recognizing the high maternal and child mortality rates in rural communities, the organization works towards ensuring safe pregnancies, deliveries, and postnatal care for women, while also providing essential healthcare services for children, such as immunizations and nutrition support. The organization actively engages with local communities to promote awareness and facilitate access to quality maternal and child healthcare services.

Public Health Advocacy and Awareness

Public health advocacy and awareness play a significant role in the work of Rural Health Mission Nigeria. The organization believes that empowering communities with knowledge and information is vital for preventing diseases and promoting healthy behaviors. Through various initiatives, such as health campaigns, workshops, and community outreach programs, the organization raises public awareness about prevalent health issues, preventive measures, and the importance of regular health check-ups.

Health Systems Strengthening

Furthermore, Rural Health Mission Nigeria focuses on health system strengthening through capacity building for healthcare workers. Recognizing the shortage of skilled healthcare professionals in rural areas, the organization offers training programs and workshops to enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare providers. By equipping them with the necessary tools and resources, the organization aims to improve the overall quality of healthcare services in rural communities.

Humanitarian Interventions

Lastly, Rural Health Mission Nigeria engages in humanitarian interventions by conducting health outreaches and providing emergency medical aid. These interventions are particularly crucial in times of crises and natural disasters. The organization delivers essential healthcare services to affected communities, provides immediate medical assistance, and supplies necessary medications and medical equipment.

Our History

Rural Health Mission Nigeria was founded in 2014 and officially incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2017. The organization was born out of the personal experiences of its founder, Muhammad Saddiq, who was deeply affected by the challenges faced by his rural community regarding access to maternal healthcare.

Growing up in a rural area, Saddiq witnessed firsthand the struggles pregnant women faced in accessing quality healthcare. In his community, pregnant women had to walk an average of 30 miles to reach the nearest healthcare facility, putting their lives and the lives of their unborn children at risk.

Tragically, Saddiq’s motivation to address this issue became even more personal when his sister lost her life during childbirth in 2012. She passed away while attempting to reach the hospital but was unable to cover the long distance in time.

Inspired by these experiences, Saddiq founded Rural Health Mission Nigeria with the objective of improving healthcare access and outcomes in rural communities, especially for pregnant women. The organization works tirelessly to overcome barriers and ensure that quality maternity care is accessible to all, regardless of their geographical location.

Our Goals and Objectives