Report of DHTF Clinic Start up

DHTF in collaboration with Rural Health Mission Nigeria have conducted several medical outreaches in various communities on the Mamabilla plateau since 2015. Each time the lessons learned from these outreaches shows a great need for a sustainable access to health services in these communities which inspires the Trust fund to establish a modern primary health clinic in Gembu community to improve access to care. The trust fund adopted the community based insurance model which involves resource pooling through prior subscription of beneficiaries with the aim of reducing healthcare cost on poor families as well as making services readily available and accessible at all time.
About 63 subscribers had pre-registered prior to the kick off date on October 28, and over the 3 days continuous medical services to subscribed patients by RHEMN Volunteer Health Corps (VHC) over 50 new subscribers was registered. 7 Volunteers health corps participated in this kick off exercise and who offered 10 hrs per day for 3 consecutive days (October 28-30, 2019). They provided professional consultation of patients, manages the laboratory and training onsite staff of the clinic on the proper use of new equipment.

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DHTF Startup report

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