2018 Annual Report

As always, we are focused on addressing the most important public Health issues facing our rural communities through providing supports at primary healthcare levels to improve access to quality healthcare.

We believe in equality, accessibility, sustainability and passion for community service. We eliminate barriers that prevents access to quality healthcare as well as reducing cost of healthcare on the poorst population. The universal health coverage is our watch word and we operate on the principles of basic primary healthcare.

Our programs are community driven, that is why we enjoy huge volunteer support from professionals.

Year 2018 has been so fulfilling and we are excited to share our impact report with you while soliciting more support from you.

Please read the full report below: 2018 Annual Report

Financial Statement

We are committed to our donors and the community we serve. We uphold high level of transparency and accountability in all our dealings by publishing our annual financial statements and plans for the following year.

In 2018, we raised the total cash sum of ₦1,001725.2 ($2767.20) through our various sources including online platforms, individual donations, endowments and membership contributions. We also received dozens of in-kind donations including medical equipment, and drugs supply worth of ₦3,500,000($9659.55).

Please download the financial statement here: Financial Statement 2018

2019 Budget Estimate

Our budget projection focuses on reaching more communities with quality medical interventions including; weekly volunteer services in local health facilities, supporting clinics with basic drugs, introduction of basic lifesaving birth kits, training health workers and village health workers on basic lifesaving skills and sustaining community engagement programs and campaigns. We hope to host the first health leadership conference to bring together policy makers and experts to brainstorm on the challenges of health leadership in Nigeria. We are looking to a total projection of 6,284,900.00 ($17,361.60).

Please download the budget below:

RHEMN 2019 Budget

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