Our Response to Covid-19

Even though 2020 was a challenging year for everyone globally, but at RHEMN we saw the challenges differently by conquering our fears and assuming our true position as change makers. We therefore, focused on saving lives. We understood the critical role of our organization in the community at times like this and took the challenge to play our role.

When the COVID19 pandemic was confirmed in Nigeria on February 27th 2020, we mobilised our resources in order to save more lives. With a grant from the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy Abuja, in June 2020, we launched the “COVID-19 Response Project” in Gombe state. Under this project, we trained 113 community health workers on infection prevention and control, constructed and distributed 114 hand hygiene machines across all referral Primary Healthcare Centres in Gombe state. We also reached over 200 communities with over 100,000 COVID-19 information materials to create wide awareness about the virus.

Our focus is to strengthening the health system at the primary level in order to boost their response capacity during any epidemic or outbreak. Our priority is also to keep our team safe and at the same time serving the community at this critical moment.

Our infection prevention and control intervention addresses supporting hand hygiene in primary health facilities, training health workers and educating the community on the infection prevention and control measures at the community level.