Breaking: RHEMN Launches community emergency response platform

In order to support the communities in Nigeria deal with emergency situations as quickly as possible, Rural Health Mission Nigeria; a non-profit organization have launched a community reporting system that will be accessible to anyone to report an emergency situation in their community for humanitarian and other assistance.

Nigeria like many other developing countries in the world is dealing with different form of disaster/crisis that may be natural or man-made which requires emergency response. Since 2007 Nigeria has been battling with insurgency in the north-east region leading to killings and displacement of people from their homes. Other man-made disaster requiring emergency response include: ethical crisis or community clash leading to massive loss of lives and properties. Natural disasters in Nigeria, is mainly related to the climate change, which has been reported to cause loss of lives and properties. A natural disaster might be caused by disease outbreak, flooding or landslides etc. Nigeria has encountered
several forms of disaster, which range from flooding, soil and coastal erosion, landslides, tidal waves, coastal erosion, sand-storms, oil spillage, locust/insect infestations, and communicable diseases outbreak.
The community reporting system is a strategy to engage the community to provide real time data as quickly as possible so that responders can mobilize resources in good time in order to prevent loss of lives. click here to report an emergency: