Rural Health Mission Nigeria

"Eliminating Barriers to Quality Healthcare Access"


RHEMN service providers in Bambur community in Karim lamido LGA of Taraba State organised a mini outreach at the comnunity health center to distribute vatamin A supplement and Albendazole deworming tablets.
This service will continue in that community for the next 18 months to ensure that all the children below 5 years get dewormed, supplemented, immunized and minor ailments are controlled among children and pregnant women.
About 400 children has so far received vitamin A Supplement and dewormed. Antenatal supplement will soon be deployed to meet the needs of the pregnant women in that community.

This project was lunched in December 2016 and is currently running in several communities across 6 states in the Northeast Nigeria.

Other services in addition to viatmin A supplementation and deworming include; free malaria drugs, free testing, free antenatal medications, free HIV counselling and testing etc.

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