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RHEMN launches comprehensive health intervention in Akko and Gombe LGA, trains 50 Service Providers

Rural Health Mission Nigeria have launched her project “Comprehensive Lifesaving Intervention” in Gombe and Akko LGA. This project is designed to provide essential obstetric and child health interventions in hard-to-reach communities with the goal of addressing the alarming maternal, child and newborn mortality rate in the country. It is a six months intervention (pilot) which includes; training village health workers and ANC providers in competency and basic lifesaving skills, distribution of vitamin A, dewormers, antimalarials, lifesaving birth kits, misoprostol tablets, family planning pills, malaria and HIV screening.

Demonstrating VA and Deworming

This project is designed and executed by RHEMN in collaboration with Vitmin Angels, Lawanti community development foundation (LCDF), New Age initiative Kumo and the departments of PHC in Akko and Gombe LGAs.

This training is very essential in the implementation of the services as it equips the service providers with the basic knowledge and skills to provide services according to the international best practice and professional standard.

The organization have trained 50 service providers in its first round of the training in Gombe and series of activities will be followed as the project has just been launched in January 2018 and is expected to last till June 2018.

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