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Review of Comprehensive Lifesaving Intervention in Gombe

The Comprehensive Lifesaving Intervention is a 12 month Pilot project designed, self funded and implemented by Rural Health Mission Nigeria.The project was commenced in October 2018.
So far three health facilities representing three communities including; Gabukka, Kagarawal and Bolari PHCs have been enrolled into this project.

The project activities focuses on the following activities;
1. Deploy skilled volunteers to local facilities to bridge manpower gap
2. Support health facilities with essential drugs, supplement & basic equipment
3. Train health workers on basic lifesaving skills
In review of our three months events, we have achieved the following milestone;
Review of our achievements:

1. Supported over 500 pregnant women with essential prenatal drug
2. Dewormed & immunized over 2000 children
3. Outpatient consultation of over 3000; increasing daily patient turnout from average Of 30 to 50 & above.
4. Skilled volunteer health corps have invested over 300 hours of service in the past 3 months.
The phase 1 distribution of clean birth kits to commence in January.
Watch the video here

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