1. To provide access to basic healthcare service in rural, hard-to-reach and underserved communities to facilitate maximum healthcare coverage to eliminate disparities in healthcare, as well as healthcare access and quality and protect vulnerable individuals and communities from poor healthcare.

  2. To provide sustainable school health services in Nursery and primary schools to promote the safety, well-being, and healthy development of children and support young people’s successful transition to adulthood;

  3. Ensure cost effective community-based affordable and easy access to sterile supplies especially during and after child birth and regular access to ante and essential supplement for women and children

  4. Promote economic and social well-being for individuals, families, and communities, including those with disabilities

  5. To train up required number of volunteers on Family Health Care, Traditional Birth attendants and health education programs etc.

  6. To co-operate and partner with the governmental Organizations and agencies seeking the goal of redressing mortality rate and improving health status of common people or relief and rehabilitation at the time of any disaster.

  7. To plan and execute Development, Relief and Rehabilitation programs within the terms of objects of the RHEMN.

  8. Provide comprehensive response to healthcare threads in rural areas whether natural or man-made

  9. Support wellness efforts across the life span, from protecting mental healthcare, to preventing risky behaviors such as tobacco use and substance abuse, to promote better nutrition and physical activity

  10. To seek and receive subscriptions, donations and other supports from persons, institutions or Organizations both from home and abroad and use the same for the purposes of the Organization.