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Fundraising Appeal!

Dear friends,
I am excited to inform you that, Rural Health Mission Nigeria was selected among thausands of organizations worldwide by Global Giving to participate in the Global fundraising campaign which was launched yesterday by 12 :00pm on #GlobalGiving #Accelerator. GlobalGiving Accelerator is a global fundraising opportunity for nonprofit organizations worldwide. For this campaign to succeed we need 40 donors to donate $5000 before 26th June, 2017.

If our campaign succeeds, our organization will become permanent partner of GlobalGiving Foundation and we will enjoy all corporates opportunities.
What can you do to help?

1. Donate now nor matter how little it is via at Donate Here

2. Call at least 5 friends and family members to donate

3. Share the link above on your social media pages.

Our potential donors may be among your friends

Where is your donation going?

1. It will be used to purchase 500 pieces of community based sterile lifesaving delivery kits for safe home child birth in rural or hard-to-reach communities

2. It will be used to buy 10,000 doses of lifesaving antimalarial drugs and easy to use community based rapid malaria testing kits

3. To purchase 6 months dosage of antenatal drugs for 3000 women who difficulties in accessing antenatal services in rural areas

4. It will be used to train 250 traditional birth attendants and community health workers in villages on basic lifesaving skills during home deliveries and how to easily detect complications for quick referrals

Thank you and God bless you for your generosity!

Muhammad Saddeeq

Chairman Rural Health Mission Nigeria

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