Rural Health Mission Nigeria

"Eliminating Barriers to Quality Healthcare Access"

Free Weekly Health screening

The weekly screening program is a community health promotion program designed to encourage residents to be conscious of their health and give them access to services at their door step. RHEMN conducts free screening at its office every Saturday from 7:00am to 9:30am.

The services available includes; BP checking, Blood sugar, hepatitis B screening, HIV counselling and testing. Sometimes first dose of Hepatitis B vaccine is available and beneficiaries are refereed to nearby facilities for continuous immunization against Hepatitis B virus.

Participants are also committed to 2km road walk every Saturday from 5:00am to 7:00am to promote their health.

To benefit from this service, just make yourself  available at RHEMN office at Suite No 2, KN and HN Plaza, Federal Lowcost Gombe, Gombe state.

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