Review of 2018 Activities

First of all, happy New Year to all our, partners, volunteers and supporters all over the world. We are very much grateful to Vitamin Angels and Global Giving foundation for supporting our work through out 2018. It was a very impactful year and we are looking forward to an exciting year ahead. We are excited to share with you this review

VA Competency Training

Rural Health Mission Nigeria in collaboration with Vitamin Angels had commenced the training of RHEMN volunteers across the project areas including; Gombe, Adamawa, Taraba, Bauchi, Borno and Yobe states. 

In February 2018, 84 volunteers was trained in Bauchi and Borno states. This training was focused on improving volunteers knowledge and basic skill in safe administration vitamin A supplementation and deworming among children below five years and prenatal supplements for pregnant women. 
1st Quarter Community Client
Satisfaction Survey
RHEMN was engaged by APIN Public health initiative to conduct a community survey to evaluate the impact of performance base financing project of the world bank under the “Nigeria State Health Investment Project (NSHIP)”. The survey was conducted in Bajoga ward in Gombe LGA where about 40 questionnaire among 40 beneficiaries in Bajoga community.
Medical Outreach @
Kagarawal Community
On March, 16, 2018, RHEMN conducted free medical outreach at Kagarawal community in Gombe. The medical services rendered include; specialist general consultation, health education, nutritional counselling, training women in basic techniques in preparing low cost nutrition for healthy growth of children. the outreach also include free malaria screening and treatment, deworming and supplementation of under five children. 100 pieces of insecticide treated nets was distributed among pregnant women.
World Malaria Day 2018
April 25 is world malaria day set aside by the world health organization. To promote this day, RHEMN organized a sensitization campaign in London Maidoruwa, Bolari and Gabukka communities in Gombe metropolis. During this campaign, about 200 people were screened for malaria infection and 150 pieces of insecticide treated nets were distributed among pregnant women at the clinics.
Community Engagement Services
On August 26, 2018 RHEMN launched her community engagement hub and provided free screening services at Buba Shongo community at Federal Lowcost Gombe. About 200 people were screened for various illnesses including; Blood pressure, Diabetes, Malaria, HIV, Hepatitis and eye screenings.
School Health Services
RHEMN visited Ilimi International school  Gombe to provide free health services. 200 children were dewormed and supplemented with vitamin A to improve their eye sight and prevent them from disease. Health education on basic hygiene was also given and they were taught on hand washing techniques.
Cholera Epidemic in Kagarawal
Community, Gombe
In September 2018, cholera epidemic was reported in Kagarawal community in Gombe metropolis where 65 patients was treated. RHEMN in collaboration with Gombe state epidemiology team also carried fumigation of 6 households to stop the spread of the epidemic. The epidemic was contained in 1 week and the last patient was discharged from the isolation center
World Hand Washing Day 2018
September 15, 2018  was world hand washing day. In commemoration  of this day, RHEMN visited primary school Tudun Wada to teach the children the importance of hand washing, basic hand hygiene and simple techniques in hand washing. This is to promote public health among school children.
Launched weekly Health fitness & Free Health Screening
September 30, 2018 RHEMN launched weekly 3km fitness walk and health screening every Saturday. We provide free screening for hepatitis, HIV, diabetes, hypertension, weight monitoring
World Pharmacists Week 2018
September 22, 2018, RHEMN joined Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, Gombe state branch to celebrate the week by providing free medical outreach.
Comprehensive Lifesaving Model
In October 2018, RHEMN launched the lifesaving model which focuses on providing basic care through the facility support program (Supporting local clinics with essential drugs, trainings and birth equipment). The Volunteer Health Corps is also a component of the lifesaving model through deployment of volunteers to local health facilities to provide immunizations, prenatal education and ANC services.
Strategic Plan for 2019
We ended this year with a new strategic plan to guide our activities in the next 24 months. Kindly join us to do more

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