Today 27th September, 2018,  Rural Health Mission Nigeria  (RHEMN) quick response team was at the cholera outbreak isolation facility in Kagarawal area of Gombe metropolis for an onsite need assessment visit to assess the situation following invitation by the Gombe State Ministry of Health through the State Epidemiology officer. A brief meeting was held between the RHEMN team, the state chief epidemiology officer and the facility staff on ground, the meeting was aim at setting out modalities of how to curtail the situation amid the on going nationwide strike by the organized labour.Based on the outcome of the assessment carried out by the team, there was adequate arrangements by the ministry of health, as all consumables required, both for treatment and protection were adequately provided. RHEMN has already mobilizied volunteers who will be rendering free services in the facility and also to carry out sensitization on the prevention and control of the disease in the area

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Rural health mission Nigeria (RHEMN) on Saturday 22nd of September 2018 joined the pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria to celebrate the world pharmaceutical day, which was held at Gombe state township stadium tagged “RUN AGAINST DRUG ABUSE”
 The pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria organized a marathon starting from mile 3 roundabout to Gombe township stadium which was open to everyone above 16 years, the first winner goes home with 200,000, the 2nd runner with 150,000

and 100,000 for the 3rd runner,
 which after Rural health mission Nigeria carry out medical outreach, over 500 people were checked by over 20 volunteers,
the services offered by RHEMN at the run against drug abuse was Blood pressure check up,
I Malaria Parasite test, Blood Sugar Test, HIV test and Hepatitis.
hi and more with free drugs. A big thank you to Rural Health Mission Nigeria for carrying the outreach, pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria Gombe, and all participants that run to end drug abuse in Gombe and Nigeria at large