RHEMN Trained Home Health Volunteers to to reduce maternal mortality

We have successfully Trained 47 Home Health Volunteers in 3 communities in Kabri ward (Kabri Song barki, Kara and Chana)

The HHV training is part of the ongoing Lifesaving Intervention Project of RHEMN supported by World Connect: a New York based Nongovernmental organisation that supports and empower local ideas to develop the community.

The HHVs are trained to quickly identify danger signs in pregnant women and Newborn babies and counsel pregnant women on birth preparedness and complication readiness and to encourage pregnant women to regularly visit nearby health facility to ensure safe pregnancy period.

We also launched the distribution of 300 Lifesaving Kits to ensure clean and safe delivery in these communities. The kits are available at Kabri, Kara and Chana PHCs which serves an average of 15 cluster villages each, making 45 to 50 villages.

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