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RHEMN Releases First batch Report of Humanitarian Intervention on the Mambilla Plateau.


Following the communal conflict on the Mambilla plateau which erupted on 17/06/17 leading to loss of lives and properties across several communities as well as displacement of about 8385 persons according to the independent assessment report. Rural Health Mission Nigeria in c

ollaboration with Mambilla Plateau citizens (Mambilla Plateau Legacy Group) launched a fundraising campaign to support the victims of the crisis. RHEMN team was immediately deployed to assess the most immediate needs of the victims which informed the first batch intervention that took place on 29/06/17 exactly seven days after lunching the fundraising campaign. The relief materials was procured and distributed directly to victims in the camps and the affected communities and where there are no identified camps, it was done house-to-house.

Download the full report below

First Batch Report on humanitarian intervention on mambilla plateau

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