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RHEMN participates in a global fundraising competition on GlobalGiving

Rural Health Mission Nigeria has been selected among thousands of organizations worldwide to participate in the year end Globalgiving accelerator fundraising competition.

Globalgiving accelerator is a fundraising opportunity for NGOs to raise funds for their projects in the community. It is a 1 week competition where an NGO is expected to raise $5000 from 40 donors. this will enable the NGO become a permanent partner to GG and get access to fundraising resources online. For an NGO to succeed, it has to raise $5000 from 40 donors in 1 week.

RHEMN will be raising $6000 to purchase 1000 pieces of lifesaving clean birth kits for 1000 rural women in Nigeria. If this goal is met, 1000 women and 1000 children will be saved through ensuring hygienic practice practice in rural communities to prevent sepsis.

The organization is therefore appealing to her thousands of supporters to help it scale through this competition.

Ways you can help:

  1. Click on the link below to donate now; No amount is too small or too big. Donate Now
  2. Share the link above on your social networks; facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp etc
  3. Call and encourage your friends to donate now

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