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RHEMN Commemorates World Environmental Health Day

The theme for 2018 world environmental health day is “Global Food Safety and Sustainability”. RHEMN in collaboration with INEX LTD and Gombe State Environmental Protection Agency (GOSEPA) held environmental sanitation at public park in Gombe.

During the event the RHEMN public awareness team also held lectures with food vendors and food handlers within the park to educate them on the importance of water and food hygiene. They were also trained on hand washing techniques to prevent food contamination.

RHEMN had launched monthly environmental sanitation exercise in public places including; motor parks, markets, schools, abattoirs etc. RHEMN took this intervention to because of the recent cholera outbreak in the state affecting several communities in Deba, Dukku and Gombe metropolis.

This intervention is expected to reduce the disease risk by 50% according to research.

RHEMN hopes to continue the monthly sanitation exercise with the target of reaching all public places in 12 months. Other things include; renovation of public toilets, provision of recycle dustbins and community awareness campaigns and town hall meetings.

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