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RHEMN and Muryan Talaka Gombe plans Free Medical Service in Bojude Community, Gombe

In a joint meeting held on 4th March 2017, both organizations shows optimum dedication and passion for community service. The program is slated to take place on 25th March 2017. The chairman of Rural Health Mission Nigeria (RHEMN) Mr Muhammad Saddiq outlined the objectives of the project as follows;
1. Conduct a health advocacy to encourage people to visit hospitals for treatment of various illnesses.
2. Provide free outpatient treatment for minor illnesses (major illnesses will be referred to relevant health institutions).
3. Dispense free prescribed drugs to patients.
4. Offer free voluntary screening for HIV, hepatitis, Diabetes and other laboratory services.
The project targets all age group and sex within Bojude community. The project will last for one day and it will feature services such as free screening for hypertension, malaria and diabetes, health lecture and demonstrations on how to prepare highly nutritious children diet etc.
The chairman of Muryan Talaka Gombe, Mr Affan Buba Abuya assured members that the project will not just stop in Bojude but other parts of Gombe state will be reached with same project in the next couple of months.

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