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Raise A Healthy Child Campaign lunched in three communities in Sardauna LGA (Mambilla Plateau)

RHEMN project was launched in Kabri-Chana, Kabri-Song and Kara communities respectively which took place on 29th, 30th, and 31st January 2017.
The project is intended to last for five years with twice outing every year (6 months interval) which is intend to be expanded to other communities on the plateau after a successful first round.
This project is focusing on women and children and our aim is to address the issue of maternal and child mortality in these communities and our intervention will focus on:
1. Provision of the minimum of six months dosage of antenatal post natal supplement for pregnant and women intending to conceive to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy
2. Administration of vitamin A supplements and antiworms to children of 5 years and below to prevent malnutrition and ensure healthy growth
3. Provision of curative antimalarials for children below 5yrs and prophylactic antimalarials for pregnant women to maintain a healthy and safe pregnancy
4. Health talk, role play and demonstration of food preparation using local resources and preparation of infant and choldren diets to maintain healthy child growth
5. Provision of subsidized sterile delivery kits to ensure safe home birth with less complication
6. Training and Empowering traditional birth attendants and community health workers to provide them with basic knowledge to detect early signs of complications in pregnancy and facilitate quick referral to prevent complications and dead during child birth.
The first round target was 100 pregnant women and 500 children below 5 in each community with about 86% success.
A comprehensive report will soon be published.

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