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Press Release: Rural Health Mission Nigeria seeks Your help to access funding from GlobaGiving Foundation

​Rural health mission Nigeria is a nonprofit organization that works in underserved and hard-to-reach-communities in Nigeria providing basic healthcare services to pregnant women and children below 5 years. The organization is seeking funding from GlobalGiving foundation to support her various programs in rural communities across the country which are almost on hold due to lack of funding.

Rural health mission Nigeria have implemented various maternal and child health projects since its establishment in 2014. It currently covers 3 states including Gombe, Taraba and Adamawa states amongst others with hope to expand her services to other states.

Over the past two years, it has helped 16000 children, 7000 pregnant women and over 3000 men with various health challenges who couldn’t get access to healthcare due to topography or geographical location of their communities.

According to the press release, the organization is seeking the help of her supporters to access funding from GlobalGiving foundation whose “Accelerator” program comes up on 12 June 2017.

Just recently, the GlobalGiving Foundation selected Rural Health Mission Nigeria to participate in its Accelerator, a fundraising opportunity for nonprofit organizations around the world.

In order to succeed, RHEMN must raise $5,000 from 40 donors from 12th to 26th June 2017. If RHEMN meet this threshold, It will be permanently featured on GlobalGiving’s website, where it will have the potential to benefit from corporate relationships, exposure to a new donor network, and access to dozens of online fundraising tools.

RHEMN is therefore, appealing to her teeming supporters to participate in this program by donating and sharing the link widely to encouraged others to participate in order to raise the minimum of $5000 from 40 donors during the accelerator period which lasts for 2 weeks.
The donation been sought for will be used to provide lifesaving delivery kits to ensure clean and safe birth in rural communities, antenatal multivitamins for pregnant women, lifesaving antimalarial drugs etc

Kindly click on the link below on 12 June to be part of this historic event and ask your friends and family members to donate and also share the link on your social media pages and personal websites

Join the campaign now!

Download the PDF copy ofthe release here Press Release(1)

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