Rural Health Mission Nigeria

"Eliminating Barriers to Quality Healthcare Access"


The importance of effective leadership in healthcare is becoming increasingly apparent with a driven emphasis on transparency, public reporting, improve health financing and operational outcomes of healthcare system. Although the need to improve quality and efficiency in healthcare exists, healthcare leaders continue to struggle in achieving and sustaining organisational success. There remains untapped potential for leveraging sustainable quality outcomes and enhanced efficiencies through changes of approaches in health care, whether it’s an innovative treatment, new financing constraints, or a growing focus on the health of the population. The Nigeria Health Leadership conference is an annual multi-professional gathering designed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience of Healthcare Management & workforce; skills through Workshops, Symposiums, Panel Discussions and Presentations. The conference offers unique opportunities to learn the latest improvement, ideas, connect with like-minded colleagues, and generate momentum for change in our organisations and communities. This conference attracts stakeholders & participants from all fields related to healthcare to discuss and proffer practical, workable and actionable solutions to the challenges of healthcare leadership in Nigeria. The conference aims to reset the Nigerian healthcare system and structures to inject efficiency & effectiveness into the system.


  • Enhance the capacity of healthcare leaders for good health outcome
  • Serves as a platform for exchange of ideas, and networking opportunities among
  • stakeholders
  • To showcase research and best practices in wide range of disciplines.
  • Discuss quality initiatives that can be applied in the practice
  • Encourage collaboration among professionals and stakeholders
  • To enable participants gain direct access to a core audience of professionals
  • and decision makers
  • To increase visibility of healthcare innovations through branding and networking.
  • Gain practical and diverse skills in leading teams and organizations to success.
  • To improve professional and financial accountability among healthcare professionals

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