Deba medical outreach project was organized in collaboration Honourable Ahmad Abubakar (Ustas) with the aim of promoting health, encouraging good health behaviors and offering treatment options and advice for minor ailments to pregnant/breast feeding mothers, the elderly and children well as encouraging early patronage of health centers when sick. It will also advocate for environmental sanitation and hygiene.
the project conducted on 12th and 13 December had a huge success with over 4000 beneficiaries.

Read the report Here Deba Outreach Report

Rural Health Mission Nigeria (RHEMN) on 26 July 2015 provides free medical service in Gembu. This outreach was successful and about 2000 people benefited including women, children and the elderly. the services rendered include; medical check up and screening for malaria, hypertension, diabetes and other laboratory services. there were general expert consultation for cases related to gynecological problems, orthopedic and eye problems.

Over 50 medical personnel were present including 6 consultants, Nurses, midwives, public health workers etc

there was 2 surgical operations according the report.


Gembu Outreach Report

RHEMN at her extraordinary general meeting dissolves all her executives including the BoT. This decision came after the CEO who is also the founder of the organization informed the members of the challenges faced by the organization which is related to the inefficiency of the current executive members. Members immediately nominated 5 members to run the affairs of the organization. The new executives include;

  1. Muhammad Ahmad Saddiq (The CEO/Founder)
  2. Muhammed Adamu Suleh (Director of Finance and supply)
  3. Jude Noel Lanamo (Secretary General)
  4. Muhammed Umar Wammi (Project Manager)
  5. Samaila Idris Hinna (Director media and Publicity)
  6. Yusuf Suleh (Auditor General)

The CEO also announced the restructuring of the administrative council of the organization. The CEO congratulates the newly nominated executives and urged all members to promote RHEMN’s vision anywhere anytime.