This is a community engagement project which aims to address short term medical needs and improve the health of the vulnerable (women & children) in underserved or hard-to-reach communities through provision of free medical services, supporting preventative care, encourage better health and  bridge the  gaps to health services, while tackling the social determinants of health disparities. We run neighbourhood activities such as Health education, screening, counseling and referral services in partnership with the community in order to provide safe and healthy community.

Other services include:

  • Community Outreach; We conduct monthly community outreach including visiting schools and under-served communities.
  1. Medical outreach; Free medical services at a community center where we do screening, counselling and health education. We also dispense simple drugs and distribute treated nets. This services is available every last Saturday of the month (9:00am – 3:00pm)
  2. Environmental sanitation; We organise environmental sanitation every first Saturday of the month (8:00am – 12:00pm)
  • Health & Wellness services; Our wellness center provides free services every second Saturday of the month from 9:00am – 3:00am. The services includes;
  1. We promote healthy practices and we provide incentive services such as FREE Health screenings for glucose, blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, and more. HIV counselling & Testing, Education & counselling and screening for breast and prostate cancers. Behavioral Health and Nutritional Counseling Services for individuals, couples, and families.  (
  2. We also encourage physical exercise by organizing 5km monthly road walk. In the long run, we hope to introduce sporting events and open a free gym center
  • Health Volunteer Corps; The organization recently created a volunteer pool made up of health non-health professionals who are passionate about community service to offer them opportunities to serve their communities base on their professional expertise and passion. The volunteer pool leverages on students in colleges of Nursing and health Technology to provide services to the community and at the same time offering professional experience opportunity to students. Volunteers provides 4 hours weekly service in local health facilities to strengthen their capacity and also boost students skills.
  • Violence Solution;  This is a new model introduced to stop spread of violence and other social menace among youths by using the methods and strategies associated with disease control, detecting and interrupting conflicts, identifying and treating the highest risk individuals and changing social norms that will aid reduction in violence. It is also aimed at engaging the youths and inspiring them into community volunteer activities which will serve as a healthy alternative to them and the community.