Maternal and Child Health

Rural Health Mission Nigeria is committed to enhancing maternal and child health, recognizing the vulnerability of women and children. The organization employs a multifaceted approach to reduce maternal and child mortality rates, emphasizing key interventions such as prenatal and antenatal care, ensuring safe deliveries, postnatal care, promoting immunization, and providing comprehensive reproductive health services.

Empowering mothers is a central focus, achieved through targeted education on nutrition, family planning, breastfeeding, and support for early childhood development. By collaborating with local healthcare facilities and community health workers, Rural Health Mission Nigeria actively identifies and addresses barriers to accessing essential services, ensuring a holistic approach to healthcare delivery.

A noteworthy aspect of the organization’s efforts lies in its advocacy for policies that prioritize the health and well-being of mothers and children. This strategic advocacy plays a pivotal role in shaping healthcare priorities and resource allocation. Through these concerted and comprehensive efforts, Rural Health Mission Nigeria aims to significantly improve health outcomes, contributing to the creation of a healthier and more resilient future for communities across Nigeria.