Rural Health Mission Nigeria

"Eliminating Barriers to Quality Healthcare Access"

Humanitarian & Emergency Response

Our humanitarian approach include health outreaches to address short term medical needs during crisis and in underserved communities. The Health outreach is a community driven project which aims at recruiting and deploying skilled health workers to address short term medical needs in rural and under-served or hard-to-reach communities through provision of free medical services, supporting preventative care, encouraging better healthcare and  bridging the  gaps to health services, while tackling the social determinants of health disparities. We run neighborhood activities such as Health education, health screening, counseling and referral services in partnership with the community in order to achieve a safe and healthy community.

The project is usually initiated by the community through completing an online service request to engage RHEMN Health Volunteer Corps. The HVC responds to such request and supports the project with volunteer experts at the community. We conduct this community outreach in schools and under-served communities.

  • Facility Support; We support local clinics with essential drugs to ensure basic maternal and child care services. We also train community health workers on basic lifesaving skills to improve their competence in patient care. Our Health Volunteer Corp are deployed to offers 3-4 hours per week to provide skilled service at local clinics. this is to bridge the manpower gaps and we only respond to request through a formal application from the clinic manager. However, the HVC team performs a quick assessment of the needs before deploying volunteers. We sometimes rehabilitate maternal clinics in remote areas to restore it to full function and maternal and child care services.
  • Emergency Response; We offer emergency medical interventions during crisis, disaster or community conflicts. The HVC team typically has an emergency response team who are trained in managing emergencies in low resource setting.

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