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Happy New Year 2018

​The new year is here, which means there are new possibilities, new hopes, new dreams and new resolutions for this year. As we step into 2018 with renewed enthusiasm for the future to come, it is also a time to reflect on the year gone by and the beautiful moments shared with our clients. We express our gratitude to the almighty God. 

We also, spare a thought for our donors and partners who have supported us through the 2017. The spirit of New Year isn’t just reminiscing about the past but also looking forward to the times ahead for your support and encouragement. 

We forgive the people who may have hurt us, we let go of some bad experiences and start 2018 on a bright and fresh note as there should be no room for hate in the new year. 

Rural Health Mission Nigeria wish everyone a peaceful, blissful, lovable and healthy new year, may all the goodies associated with the year 2018 be with you.

May the year 2018 be more peaceful, with less wars and crisis, be free of attacks and criminal activities.

Stay healthy!

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