Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is RHEMN all about?

RHEMN is all about passion for the unreached, underserved and the less privileged ones in our communities

  1. Is RHEMN a political organization?

No, RHEMN is a nongovernmental, nonpolitical, nonreligious, nontribal, nonprofit and a volunteer organization

  1. Is RHEMN owned by any foreign government or organizations?

No, RHEMN is formed and owned by young Nigerians who are passionate about community service.

  1. Who is funding RHEMN’s activities?

RHEMN fund their programs through membership dues/contributions, individual grants, gifts, crowd funding and sometimes through foreign and foundations grants.

  1. How can I join RHEMN?

You can join RHEMN in two basic ways:

  • As a member (b) as a volunteer

For more information on this, go to

  1. Do RHEMN offer jobs?

Yes, but based on needs and expertise. RHEMN also offer volunteer jobs

  1. How can I request for RHEMN service in my community?

By applying for RHEMN Grant if eligible (members only) or by sending a letter of interest to the RHEMN head office (non members) requesting for proposal to sponsor a community project. The letter can also be sent via email

  1. How can I be eligible for RHEMN Grant?

You must be a registered member of RHEMN to be eligible for her grants

  1. Do RHEMN grants include money?

No, RHEMN only provide drugs, equipment and specialist services for members in their communities

  1. Can a non member RHEMN request RHEMN to any community?

Yes, but that individual must shoulder certain logistics required for that program

  1. Do RHEMN partner with other organizations?

Yes, partnership with RHEMN is open to all especially those working in underserved areas.

  1. How can my organization partner with RHEMN?

Simply send an application letter to RHEMN Head office at “Suite No 2 KN & HN Plaza, federal low cost Gombe” or via email at

  1. Do RHEMN raise funds for individuals or organizations?

No, RHEMN is not a fundraising organization, it only provide direct services to beneficiaries


For more information go to or send us email at or send SMS or call +2348088922470, +2349052549456