Through our comprehensive Lifesaving Model, we work with local health facilities to assess the community needs to develop appropriate interventions;

  • Facilities with deficient personnel benefit from volunteer services from our pool of volunteers who work once a week for 4-6 hours to provide antenatal services, nutritional counselling etc
  • Train community health workers on basic lifesaving skills to be able to assess, detect and develop quick intervention when dealing with vulnerable ones (Pregnant women, infants and under five children). We also teach them referral pathways and essential steps. This is to improve their response capacities in an event of emergency or complex situation.

We also provide facilities with essential medicines, consumables and equipment; WE

  • Supply specific essential vitamin supplement to pregnant women at first trimester to 3 months after child birth.
  • Supply each target facility with first 25 pieces of lifesaving delivery kits for free to maintain clean birth environment. Subsequent supply is dependent on the sustainability plan designed to enrol pregnant into groups of 10 to pool funds to purchase delivery kits at birth.
  • Supply vitamin A supplement for children under-five
  • Supply Deworming medication under-five children 3 times a year within a specific community
  • Supply antimalarial drugs, screening strips and treated nets to facilities to cater ONLY for pregnant women and children under-five.

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