We speak out to challenge the structures and systems that promotes inequalities in healthcare access. we seek to tackle the root causes of poor healthcare in our communities resulting from political, social and economic decisions. We work alongside some poorest and vulnerable communities as they struggle for their health rights by conducting awareness campaigns, public health education etc. we work with CBOs and government agencies to influence public health policies and health system management to boost healthcare services.

Our action

The WASH campaign

According to WHO, about 1.1 billion people are still without access to a safe water supply and over 2.4 billion are without adequate sanitation. Access to sanitation facilities is a basic human right that safeguards health and human dignity.  Join the campaign

Poor Health Action

The global healthcare ranking, which was based on a qualification of personal access and quality for 195 countries and territories from 1990 to 2015 placed Nigeria at the 140th position. According to the report, Researchers created a Healthcare Access and Quality index based on numbers of deaths from 32 causes that could be avoided by ‘timely and effective’ medical care. Act Now


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide basic healthcare services to those living in rural or hard-to-reach communities including under-served areas. We also provide social needs and humanitarian services during and after crisis or community conflicts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see every community in Nigeria with uninterrupted access to basic healthcare services and enjoy essential social needs and RHEMN leading the way to universal health coverage.

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