DHTF in collaboration with Rural Health Mission Nigeria have conducted several medical outreaches in various communities on the Mamabilla plateau since 2015. Each time the lessons learned from these outreaches shows a great need for a sustainable access to health services in these communities which inspires the Trust fund to establish a modern primary health clinic in Gembu community to improve access to care.

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Rural Health Mission Nigeria is a registered nonprofit organization that focuses on providing sustainable access to essential healthcare service to women and children in hard-to-reach and under-served communities.

This annual report covers the period from January, 2017 and December, 2017. The activities include medical outreach, humanitarian support, strengthening of local health facilities through provision of essential ANC drugs, ITNs, antimalarials, antiworms, immunization support etc. other activities include; training of community health workers on basic lifesaving skills, creating of public health awareness, school health services etc.

kindly download the report details Annual Report 2017