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RHEMN To train over 200 village health workers in Akko LGA, Gombe State

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The RHEMN team today paid a courtesy call on the Coordinator PHC services in Kumo, Akko LGA of Gombe State. This meeting was to discuss the strategy and the implementation plan of the project “Comprehensive Lifesaving Scheme” in Akko LGA from January 2018.

The project is a 6 month pilot scheme that targets enroll pregnant women and under five children to access essential free healthcare services during the project period.

Some of the services to be delivered to the beneficiaries include; malaria testing and treatment, distribution of misoprostol tabs, clean birth kits, micro nutrients, deworming and vitamin A supplementation. The project also aims to train over 200 village health workers on lifesaving skills and management of third stage of labour.

The RHEMN organization is partnering with Lawanti Community Development Foundation and New Age Foundation Kumo for the implementation of this project.

Child Health: RHEMN partners Gombe LGA to celebrate maternal and child health Week 2017

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Rural Health mission Nigeria is partnering Gombe LGA to celebrate the 2017 child health week in Gombe. It is a one week free medical outreach targeting underserved areas within Gombe LGA. the exercise will commence today 12th December 2017. About 22 underserved communities will be reached and free services will be available at the health posts designed.

Some of the activities include; free malaria test and treatment, distribution of high quality micronutrients, deworming, vitamin A supplementation, nutritional screening etc

Sufficient personnel comprising that of the LGA and RHEMN volunteers will be deployed to various health post.

Get your child immunized against measles December 8, 2017

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The FG have scheduled to kick start this year measles campaign on 8th December 2017 and it is important that all parents ensure every child get immunized.

Measles is a highly contagious, serious disease caused by a virus. Before the introduction of measles vaccine in 1963 and widespread vaccination, major epidemics occurred approximately every 2–3 years and measles caused an estimated 2.6 million deaths each year.

The disease remains one of the leading causes of death among young children globally, despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine. Approximately 89 780 people died from measles in 2016 – mostly children under the age of 5 years.

Measles is caused by a virus in the paramyxovirus family and it is normally passed through direct contact and through the air. The virus infects the respiratory tract , then spreads throughout the body. Measles is a human disease and is not known to occur in animals.

Accelerated immunization activities have had a major impact on reducing measles deaths. During 2000–2016, measles vaccination prevented an estimated 20.4 million deaths. Global measles deaths have decreased by 84% from an estimated 550 100 in 2000* to 89 780 in 2016 (source; WHO)

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide basic healthcare services to those living in rural or hard-to-reach communities including under-served areas. We also provide social needs and humanitarian services during and after crisis or community conflicts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see every community in Nigeria with uninterrupted access to basic healthcare services and enjoy essential social needs and RHEMN leading the way to universal health coverage.

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