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Breaking: RHEMN Now accept donations online

Hello Supporters!

Thank you for been part of this mission despite the challenges we have been experiencing to receive your contributions. We are very glad to inform you that you can now make your donations online and your donation receipts delivered right to your email for record purpose.

Based on the complains, we have provided two options for you to get your donation to us without undue stress. If you chose to use offline donation, you can also track it by submitting the form below. Donations are now easy and at a go.

all donations made on this platform or by any other means for the purpose of supporting RHEMN activities are directly deployed to its beneficiaries and results are always available on the site for your perusal.

to donate online Click Here

to join our Global Giving ongoing fundraising campaign Click Here

to deposit directly or by ATM or Mobile transfer Click Here

You can also be our fundraiser Click Here

Thank you!


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