In the heart of Chana village, a beacon of hope and health has been established. This new health facility, part of the Lifesaving Intervention Project by Rural Health Mission Nigeria (RHEMN), stands as a testament to community-driven development and international collaboration.

Launched in 2019, the Lifesaving Intervention Project aimed to enhance maternal and child health services in Chana, Kara, and Kabri Song to reduce maternal, child, and neonatal mortality. Despite significant improvements in maternal and child health indices in other communities, Chana’s progress lagged. Past efforts by politicians and government agencies to provide a functioning health facility encountered several challenges, forcing residents, including pregnant women, to walk long distances for healthcare.

In response, the community-based health facility was initiated. The Chana Community Development Committee, Taraba State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, and Sardauna Local Government Primary Healthcare Department collaborated, with support from World Connect, a New York-based nonprofit supporting grassroots initiatives. The project started in 2023 and has been successfully completed.

Equipped with essential medical equipment, the facility focuses on prenatal and postnatal care, safe delivery practices, and immunization programs. The integration of RHEMN’s LifeCare Connect telemedicine platform connects patients with healthcare professionals in urban centers. A reliable water supply system and solar power installations ensure uninterrupted services.

The Chana health facility has transformed healthcare delivery, eliminating the need for long-distance travel for medical care. It also serves as a center for health education, training community members on preventive health measures. This facility represents a sustainable model for healthcare delivery in rural settings, promising to improve the quality of life for thousands of residents.