There are people who work at extremely busy offices and our #Community_Engagement_Hub is here to serve them.

Our visit today was to sensitize the neighbourhood about the availability of FREE services at our wellness center and remind the general public about their health amidst the busy schedules on the table. We hope to pay more of this visits to many other organizations around our neighborhood in couple of weeks.

We took our time to teach and educate them on healthy lifestyle choices and offered them FREE health screening.

Some of them had the opportunity to meet our eye screening volunteers to talk about their challenges with computer screens.

Did you missed this??? Don’t worry: if you are in Gombe, come to our wellness center at Suite No2 KN & HN Plaza, Opposite TJ super market, Federal lowcost Gombe, every Saturday from 9:00am – 12:00pm.

1. BP monitoring/Checking
2. Blood Sugar Monitoring
3. Hepatitis screening
4. HIV counselling and screening
5. Weight monitoring/checking
6. Couple counselling
7. Eye screening

Note that these services are #FREE

Also join our 5km Health Fitness Walk by 6am – 8am on Saturday 1st September and enjoy FREE health check afterward.


This week we launched one of our #Community_Engagement_Programs under the Health Facility Support Project called #Health_Volunteer_Corps (HVC).

The HVC program is a team of volunteers who sacrifice 4-6 hours weekly to render FREE health and community service at some selected health facilities and communities.

HVC has two components; the #Skilled volunteers who are health professionals serves in clinics by providing immunizations, ANC/PNC and training staff etc, while the #Unskilled volunteers participates in our monthly community sanitation programs and weekly Health and Wellness services at the community engagement hub.

The HVC program is aimed at addressing the manpower gaps to improve health access, boosting volunteers skills and serving the community through sanitation activities to promote health and prevent diseases.

Today our volunteers provided services at PHC Gabukka, Bolari and London Maidoruwa communities in Gombe LGA of Gombe state

In the long run, we hope to replicate same in all the communities in Nigeria.

Kindly join us today to serve our communities.

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