Rural health mission Nigeria team in Jalingo conducts free health service Our Taraba Team conducted free school health service at Yagai academy Jalingo on 25/10/17. The school health project is a flagship program of “Raise a Healthy Child” campaign of the organization aimed at implementing infant and child survival programs in order to address the escalating child mortality ratio in underserved communities including hard-to-reach areas.

About 115 children has been reached at Yagai academy and this will be a statewide project because more schools will be identified to meet our target of 100 schools in 6 months including almajiri schools in Taraba state. our population target is to reach 10,000 children in 6 months.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide basic healthcare services to those living in rural or hard-to-reach communities including under-served areas. We also provide social needs and humanitarian services during and after crisis or community conflicts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see every community in Nigeria with uninterrupted access to basic healthcare services and enjoy essential social needs and RHEMN leading the way to universal health coverage.