Rural Health Mission Nigeria

"Eliminating Barriers to Quality Healthcare Access"

RHEMN 2015/2016 financial report

The report covers 2 year fiscal year from January 205 to December 2017. The report presented to RHEMN general meeting held on 31st March 2017. the reported is yet to be audited by external auditors before the end of 2017. See the PDF copy below: FINANCIAL REPORT FOR 2015 -2016

RHEMN working budget for 2017

RHEMN budget are broken into three (3) folds; Field work, office management and fundraising. the allocations of the budget are; Field work - 80%, Office management - 15% and Fundraising - 5% The PDF copy below; RHEMN 2017 Budget  RHEMN Budget for 2017 in Dollars

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