Rural Health Mission Nigeria

"Eliminating Barriers to Quality Healthcare Access"

About Us

We are passionate volunteers focused on eliminating the barriers that prevents access to quality healthcare in under-served, hard-to-reach and rural communities.

Our intervention focuses on three main strategic areas;

  • Maternal and Child health; Under the Lifesaving Intervention Project, We support pregnant women with FREE simple disposable birth kits to ensure clean and safe delivery both at home or facility-based delivery. We train community health workers on basic lifesaving skills to build their capacity and competency to safe lives. We also train birth attendants on home health counselling for birth preparedness and complication readiness to provide informed support for pregnant in order to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

Community Lifesaving Clinic: This is a community-based social enterprising maternity facility that provides basic qualitative maternal and child health services in hard-to-reach and underserved communities at a highly subsidised cost. We provide both subsidised out-of-pocket services and community-based health insurance scheme where beneficiaries pay annual premium in advance to enjoy healthcare service at the time of dire need without financial burden. By this scheme, we aim to eliminate financial barriers on poor families who may not afford the cost of healthcare at the time of need such deliveries etc.

This project is established to sustain the lifesaving intervention project

  • Humanitarian Response: We conduct health outreach in remote communities or communities deprived from health access and communities in emergency situations to address short term medical needs and provide humanitarian relief.
  • Public health Advocacy: We promote universal health coverage and supports policy advocacy in an innovative approach by organising health conferences and workshops. We bring together policy makers, researchers, clinicians and public health experts to brainstorm on the challenges of healthcare to improve the Nigerian health system for quality healthcare delivery.

Our Goals and Objectives